New templates for Academic Progress letters

Have you been eagerly awaiting the new 2022 templates for unsatisfactory progress letters? Well, the waiting is over.

Please visit the Course Coordinators Manual to view and download the new 2022 academic progress letter templates for review period 1 and 2, 2022.

For a consistent student experience and to ensure that the automation bots work, please do not change the templates except for the red sections that need to be altered. When editing the correct 'review period', you will need to remove the 'one' or the 'two', depending on the circumstances.

Please do not remove or change any of the words that are not highlighted red, especially 'review period', as this will cause the automation that uploads the letters to fail.

Please note, if the letters are still showing 2021 dates, you may need to empty your web cache so that the 2022 letters become available.

The following slideshow controls change the content above and below. Information is displayed below the controls while video content plays above the video controls.

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