Our WHS Action Plan

ACU’s WHS Action Plan provides us with a roadmap for continuing to improve the safety and wellbeing of our campuses. You have a critical role to play in contributing to the success of the plan.

Our plan prioritises staff and student wellbeing, reducing common injuries (resulting from falls, manual handling and performing repetitive tasks) and improving our management of WHS risk by applying our Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS or framework).

The WHS Action Plan provides staff, supervisors and members of the executive with guidance about the tasks that we can action to make a difference.

Examples of ways that you can contribute:

  • complete an ergonomic checklist for your workstation
  • discuss safety and wellbeing, including workload, during team meetings
  • report work- and learning-related incidents, illnesses, injuries and hazards in riskware
  • engage with WHS risk assessment processes
  • participate in WHS inspections
  • influence others to apply safe systems of work
Work area consultations

Supervisors and managers have a role to play in consulting about safety and wellbeing issues, including emergency processes, during team meetings. They also provide briefings about how the WHS Action Plan commits our work areas to:

  • identifying and managing the factors that lead to excessive stress
  • reducing the most common work-related injuries
  • identifying and managing a minimum of their top five community wellbeing (WHS) risks
  • conducting WHS assessments of issues that are not immediately obvious
Register for a lunchbox session to learn more about the WHS Action Plan

These lunchbox sessions will explore the ways in which we can reduce common injuries, how ACU is supporting your wellbeing, and how you can contribute to the success of the plan.


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