Mitigating AI misuse in assessments

The Centre for Education and Innovation (CEI) has collated resources to offer short-term strategies for you to implement in your learning and teaching practices as a response to the increased availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

What can I do in my teaching to ensure that the availability of AI apps does not compromise academic integrity?

 Recommendation  Example
Incorporate interpretation of images 
  • Transcription table of sounds for a speech pathology assessment
  • Interpret an image of a brain scan
 Ask students to annotate their submission
  • Justify textual submission and references
 Incorporate information not known to the AI
  • Incorporate information from class discussion
  • Local examples
  • Recent examples (post-2021)
 Require students to use specific references or sources
  • Designated by LICs or a specified Leganto list
  • A certain number of post-2021 references
 Alter your method of assessment
  • Oral exams/Oral ‘defence’ of a work
  • On-campus assessments
  • Safe browser in an online exam
Assessment design and feedback resources

If you are concerned about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and would like assistance to remodel your assessments, explore the Assessment Design and Feedback section of the CEI website which includes the following resources:

Assessment Principles and Aims provides key principles that underpin assessment at ACU. It explains how assessment is conceptualised at ACU and how this is embedded in the principles that guide assessment in practice.

Assessment Review and Design is an overview of assessment design principles. It also introduces assessment as an integral element in the broader goal of developing self-directed, efficient learners.

Assessment in Blended Learning is an introduction to how to integrate technology into assessment design. It provides an overview of the different considerations that need to be taken into account when designing assessment tasks in a blended learning environment.

Additional resources of interest may include Consensus Moderation, Feedback Principles and Aims and Good Feedback Practices. Please ensure you are aligning with the Assessment Policy and Procedures.

If you require more specialised advice, please email to be connected with staff who can assist.

Would you like to contribute to the work ACU is doing in this space?

Join the AI Community of Practice (CoP) Teams site to contribute to emerging practices and approaches to assessment and the development of targeted resources for staff and students in response to Artificial Intelligence.

As part of the CoP, focus groups are also in their foundational stages, including: Designing for AI in assessment and learning; Learn AI: Empowering Staff and Students with AI Tools and Techniques; and AI for Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education.

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