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Want to take student support to another level? Explore the standardised feedback comments developed by CEI’s Academic Skills Unit for use in Turnitin QuickMarks or Canvas SpeedGrader.

These standardised feedback comments encompass 14 categories, addressing common issues in student writing such as critical analysis, use of evidence and clarity of expression. Each category contains a number of specific feedback comments for staff to select from. The comments all have clear explanations and embedded links to direct student to relevant Academic Skills Unit on LEO resources, all of which are intended to assist students in developing and improving their micro-skills.

Assessment markers can pick and choose from these standardised feedback comments and have the option to customise or edit them for seamless integration with existing marking comments.

Not only will using the standardised feedback tool make your marking more efficient, but the comments provided will aid students to act on assessment feedback with ease and supply them with direct resource support.

To access simple step by step instructions on how to import and start using the libraries, select your applicable system link below.

For enquiries or feedback, please contact the Academic Skills Unit at

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