A new timetabling experience

A message from Chief Operating Officer Dr Stephen Weller: ACU will move to a more flexible, accurate, transparent and easier to use timetabling software system from Semester 2.

The Scheduling Improvement and Timetable Harmonisation (SITH) project is critical to our ongoing ability to deliver our students' timetables. Our current timetabling solution Syllabus+ is at end-of-life and unable to provide an increased level of functionality and flexibility that’s required for our students and staff.

Given our current financial climate, the greater functionality that our new software TimeEdit offers at a lower annual cost, is of particular importance and speaks to our commitment to sustainable stewardship. It will be easier and more intuitive for staff to use and will support the delivery of more flexible and accurate timetables to students, which provides a win/win outcome.

Improved flexibility

TimeEdit will be better able to handle:

  • variations in teaching venues within a study period
  • units taught simultaneously on one or more campuses and/or online
  • combined teaching spaces
  • time zone differences due to daylight savings
  • booking events several years ahead.
Integrated tools and improved accuracy

The easier to use new solution comprises an integrated suite of tools which include:

  • an improved change request process
  • a clearer, more user-friendly timetable viewer
  • a better process for booking one-off events,
  • an improved process for rolling individual semester timetables.

Increased accuracy provides:

  • a reduction in manual data entry and double handling, leading to fewer errors and a more accurate timetable
  • better integrations with other ACU systems to improve data quality and reduce errors.
Sustainability and transparency
The up-to-date cloud-based implementation reduces dependence on IT support and ACU resources, improves access to data and analytics for customisable reporting and bespoke dashboards.

We’ll keep you updated on rollout progression, and look forward to showcasing TimeEdit and its improvements in coming months.

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