Introducing Quickmarks

Are you an academic who marks student assessments using Turnitin in LEO? Explore the new Academic Skills Unit QuickMarks libraries designed for the ACU context.

What are they?

The CEI Academic Skills Unit (ASU) has developed a set of QuickMarks libraries for Turnitin which cover 14 categories of issues commonly found in student writing.

Each Quickmark library contains a number of feedback comments with clear explanations and links to relevant LEO resources from the ASU which can be used, to help students develop and improve their necessary micro-skills.

Are they useful for both academics and students?

Research suggests that having readily available QuickMarks makes marking more efficient for academics (Buckley & Cowap, 2013; Chipperfield et al., 2022; Mayhew et al., 2022). Moreover, students may not be aware of the importance of acting on assessment feedback and how to do this.

In a study of feedback comments for 3,204 high school and university student essays submitted via Turnitin, the ‘where to next’ part of feedback has been shown to be the most powerful (Hattie et al., 2021).

In addition to identifying the most common types of errors in student writing and explaining the associated key micro-skills, the Quickmarks also contain links to specific resource pages at Academic Skills Unit on LEO to lead students to ‘where next’.

How do I access the Academic Skills QuickMarks libraries?

Select the Academic Skills QuickMarks libraries for Turnitin on LEO (V1) to see the libraries and instructions for use.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact the ASU

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