Stay cyber safe through device updates

Device updates can be frustrating and seem to always appear at the worst times. But these annoying facts of life are vital to keeping our devices safe.

The unfortunate truth is that no software or device is perfect, and even the newest release can be vulnerable to threats such as malware and ransomware. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news.

What does this mean for me?

Once a vulnerability becomes known, developers work hard to rapidly address the issue then pass the fix onto software or device vendors to release to users.

This is where those annoying system update notifications come in. They act to fix or ‘patch’ the issue so the weakness no longer exists.

What’s the best way to stay protected?

Most ACU devices are managed by IT, but older and personal devices may require extra attention. 

Whether your personal or work device, the best way to keep software up-to-date is to enable auto-updates where possible and remain alert to update prompts.

Quick tips

  • When you purchase a new device, check for updates straight away as part of the initial set up.
  • Back-up data and files before upgrading your operating system to a newer version.
  • Check if your storage is full as devices running low on space can prevent the latest updates from being installed.
  • Regularly check for software and application updates if the automatic update setting is unavailable.

Here are some other ways you can protect yourself through updates.  

What if I ignore updates?

Did you hear about the ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack

More than 230,000 victims across 150 countries were targeted by a vulnerability found in Microsoft Windows. These victims were locked out of their systems and sent ransom demands to regain access. 

Microsoft had released a security update for all supported versions of Windows which addressed the vulnerabilities from ‘WannaCry’. The people who did not install the update were vulnerable to the attack. 

Just like you wouldn’t ignore an unlocked door, you shouldn’t ignore update notifications or you could unnecessarily leave yourself open to cyber threats.

October is Cyber Awareness Month

Join a webinar on cyber basics featuring Director Vic/Tas Australian Signals Directorate, Daniel Storey. 

Details: Monday 30 October, 11am AEDT

Register to attend

You can also join the Cyber Security Workplace group to stay updated on the latest in cyber security news at ACU.

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