Discover the new ACU graduate attributes

Familiarise yourself with ACU's new graduate attributes – insight, empathy, imagination, and impact – and how they are embedded in the curriculum to align with the graduate statement and capabilities.

The Centre for Education and Innovation is delighted to reveal ACU’s four graduate attributes of insight, empathy, imagination, and impact.

We thank all the staff who engaged in the ACU-wide initiative, to develop the new graduate attributes that shape the aspirations we have for all students and bring ACU’s mission to life. Each attribute reflects ACU’s mission and serves as the foundation for an interconnected educational journey between staff and students. These attributes are embedded into the curriculum through ACU’s graduate statement and graduate capabilities.

ACU defines four key graduate attributes that serve as its vision for graduates:

  1. Insight
    Each graduate has become aware of their own characteristics as a professional, a citizen and a scholar; they are ready to change and grow and prepared for lifelong learning; their experience at ACU has supported them to seek truth and meaning.

  2. Empathy
    Each graduate has had experience of Indigenous knowledges and can respect and work alongside Australia's First Peoples; they are able to connect with people and cultures, locally and globally; they can integrate knowledge across disciplines.

  3. Imagination
    Each graduate is encouraged to think creatively and critically to solve problems and see opportunities for innovation; they can discern and build a better future for each person and community.

  4. Impact
    Each graduate recognises their responsibility to work for social justice and a sustainable world, guided by ethical principles and a commitment to human dignity and the common good; they are ready to respond to and lead changes in their sphere of influence and contribute to their professions and to the community.

ACU graduate statement

The ACU graduate statement provides a holistic understanding of ACU students upon completing their studies. It reflects the university's aspirational goals for each student through an in-depth consideration of each graduate attribute. The statement outlines how ACU graduates embody the qualities of insight, empathy, imagination, and impact.

ACU graduate capabilities

The graduate capabilities are the skills and capabilities that underpin the development of ACU’s graduate attributes. Explore the 12 ACU graduate capabilities which encompass the essential skills and qualities students need to achieve the graduate attributes, and ultimately prepare themselves as job-ready graduates. 

ACU's graduate attributes, the graduate statement, and graduate capabilities are intertwined elements that define the university's educational mission. These attributes and capabilities empower students to become well-rounded individuals who make a positive impact on society while upholding the values of justice, equity, and human dignity.

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