Data security policies coming to mobile devices

ACU documents and information accessed via mobile devices will soon be more securely protected. Here’s what to expect.

As part of our continuing cyber security improvements, we’re introducing data security protections that give us better control over how our information is accessed on mobile devices. Read last week’s bulletin for more details.

What do I need to do?

If you’re using an iOS/Apple device: all you need to do is acknowledge the notification that ACU is now managing its data in Microsoft 365 applications. You’ll need to do this for each application the first time you open it.

If you’re using an Android device: you’ll also need to download the InTune Company Portal app by Microsoft. You do not need to open this app. Simply download it and it will do its job in the background. You can download it ahead of time (remember, don’t open it!) or you’ll be prompted the next time you open a Microsoft 365 app on your device.

When is this happening?

You may notice these changes from 4pm today, Wednesday 6 September. The policies can take up to 12 hours to flow through the system, so don’t worry if the changes don’t show up right away on your device.

Where do I get help?

Please contact Service Central if you need assistance.

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