SAMMS is now live

All potential cases of academic misconduct must be lodged through the Student Academic Misconduct Management System (SAMMS). Familiarise yourself with the new process.

The Student Academic Misconduct Management System (SAMMS) is the new internal platform for lodging and processing potential academic misconduct cases and the platform is now live. We recommend bookmarking the SAMMS Portal for convenient access in the future.

Lecturers-in-Charge (LICs) or their delegates must lodge academic misconduct cases by following the steps below:

  1. Access SAMMS.
  2. Complete mandatory and relevant fields.
  3. Upload all supporting information.
  4. Submit the form.

To learn more about how to provide high quality supporting information, please see best practice evidence

Once submitted, the misconduct case will be assigned to an Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) for investigation and staff will receive email updates as the case is processed. Staff can also view all active cases of misconduct that they have previously submitted on SAMMS

How do I get help? 

Check Academic Integrity for supporting information. If you would like advice on appropriate evidence, specific guidance for a possible case or are having technical issues with SAMMS, please email  

For detailed information regarding academic misconduct, please refer to the Student Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Procedure.

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