Academic Board Digest

Read a summary of the Academic Board meeting held on 14 February 2024.

Membership changes


Academic Board noted the ex-officio, elected and external membership changes.


Chair of Academic Board’s update

Academic Board:

  • noted the 2023 Annual Academic Board Report to Senate.
  • noted the process and schedule for election to fill a casual vacancy in the role of Deputy Chair of Academic Board.
  • noted the re-appointment of Associate Professor Jane McCormack as Chair of the Courses and Academic Quality Committee for a 12-month term from 1 December 2023 to 1 December 2024.
  • approved the Academic Board Risk Register as of February 2024 and noted the associated actions to mitigate risk.
  • noted and provided advice on the draft Wilson Review action plan developed in relation to a risk mitigation action.
  • noted and provided advice on the membership and terms of reference of its committees.
  • approved the nominees for award of University Medals and University Honours Medals for 2023.
  • noted the recipients of the Executive Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence for 2023.
  • approved the minimum Medal Score for 2024 as a weighted mark of 85.000.
  • noted the Chair of Academic Board Approvals.

Vice-Chancellor and President’s (VCP) update

The VCP reported on:

  • the issue of the payment anomalies discovered in 2022 advising that the university was working with external agencies to correct.
  • the excellent work of the university community which lead to ACU receiving the new Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. VCP advised members that ACU was 1 of only 2 universities outside of the United States to receive this significant classification and identified ACU as a higher education leader in institutionalised community engagement and aligned additionally, the classification with who we are as a Catholic university.
  • the Centre for Education and Innovation’s (CEI) ACU Thrive’s recognition in the global QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023 as a bronze winner in the Blended and Presence Learning Awards category. Additionally, ACU Education Pathway’s online transition program for international students, Gateway to ACU, had been recognised as the Diamond winner in “Best eLearning Design category” at the 2023 LearnX awards.
  • international engagement.
  • Vision 2033, providing an update of the strategy and its upcoming roll out to the university community.

Provost’s update

The Deputy Provost reported on:

  • noted the microcredential offerings in the FEA.
  • highlighted the FEA’s review of offerings by the School of Education leadership that included consideration of low enrolments and supporting small campuses.
  • provided an overview of current enrolments.
  • highlighted the activity occurring in bringing schools and institutes together.
  • highlighted the great work of the FEA in relation to industry funding and engagement.

Academic Board

  • noted the Report of the Provost.
  • noted the Office of the Provost’s Directorate Focus on the Faculty of Education and Arts, presented by Professor Mary Ryan, Executive Dean, FEA.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Enterprise (DVCRE) update


Academic Board noted the Report of the DVCRE including updates on:

  • Higher Degree Research growth
  • Research Strategy and Regulatory Compliance
  • Research Operations and Performance
  • Graduate Research
  • Enterprise
  • Major External Programs

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education (DVCE) update


The DVCE reported on:

  • planning for the portfolios first strategic meeting
  • CEI’s focus on the rollout of Canvas as well as the continuing rollout of ACU Thrive
  • an overview of the review of ACU online
  • the recruitment of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous) and noted that a further update would be provided to the Board at its next meeting
  • an evaluation of the Education Portfolio was necessary to clarify the roles of the areas within its structure. The key function of the portfolio was to serve the faculties and schools, but how this was implemented required further discussion.

Academic Board noted the Report of the DVCE.



Academic Board discussed and noted the presentation on Embedding First Peoples perspectives, pedagogies and Knowings into curriculum, presented by Dr Jessica Russ-Smith, Academic Developer, First Peoples Curriculum.


Academic Board discussed and noted the proposed Core Curriculum Revitalisation model, presented by Associate Professor Richard Colledge, Acting Executive Dean, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.


Reporting Committees


1. Courses and Academic Quality Committee (CAQC)
Academic Board:

  • noted the report of the Chair of the Courses and Academic Quality Committee, dated 5 February 2024
  • approved the Major Course Change: Graduate Certificate in Education, effective for Semester 2 2024
  • approved the Major Course Change: Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and related courses, with effect from Semester 1 2025
  • approved the proposed amendment to the Courses and Academic Quality Committee’s Terms of Reference with immediate effect
  • noted the 2024 Faculty Proposal Submission schedules from all four faculties
  • noted the course suspensions approved by the Provost
  • noted the minutes

2. Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee
Academic Board:

  • noted the report of the Chair, Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee dated 5 February 2024
  • noted the International Admissions Report, October 2023
  • approved the amendment to Clause (34) of the 2024 Academic Regulations with immediate effect
  • approved the 2026 Common Academic Calendar and Study Periods, as endorsed by SALPC on 31 January, with immediate effect
  • noted the Graduations Report for Semester 2 2023
  • noted the Timetabling Report, Semester 2 2023
  • noted the Centralised Examinations Report, Semester 2 2023
  • noted the minutes

3. Internationalisation Committee (IC)
Academic Board noted the verbal report of the Chair, IC.

4. University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)
Academic Board noted the minutes.

5. University Research Committee (URC)
Academic Board noted the minutes.

6. Faculty Boards
Academic Board noted the minutes and updates.


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