Library troubleshooting and system status page

Having problems accessing library resources? Check out these tips to improve your access.

  1. Are you off campus? You will have to sign-in.
    Information is not always free. Many of our resources are limited to ACU students and staff, so you will need to sign-in to access them.

  2. Clear your browser cache and cookies.
    It might sound silly but most access issues to library resources can be resolved by doing this simple act of maintenance. Choose to clear 'everything' or 'all time'.
    Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Sometimes trying a different browser helps.

  3. Check the System Status page on the library website.
    If something is not working – and we know about it – we will list it on the System Status page. If the resource is not listed here and you are still having problems accessing it, use the Report a Problem link to let us know about it.

  4. User limits for ebooks
    We understand that you find this frustrating. If you find you can’t open an ebook because all copies are in use, try accessing it at different times of the day. Remember to close your browser once finished to allow others to access the ebook.

  5. LibKey Nomad, OpenAthens and other search tools.
    Do you prefer to use Google to search for information? When you search the web and find a good article or ebook, look out for 'Institutional' or OpenAthens login options that allow you to access it for free via ACU Library.
    Download the LibKey Nomad browser extension to quickly and easily access content from the library. The LibKey icon will display on pages you visit and provides options for access.

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