About the Session

At times, we may experience work colleagues, clients or customers reaching out to us for support. We may be faced with people in heightened emotional states or unexpectedly sharing personal problems, sounding off in anger or frustration, upset or distressed, tense or anxious or just desperate for a listening ear.

This topic provides the knowledge and skills to be able to step into the shoes of an accidental counsellor momentarily and respond appropriately to people in need, when there may not be a professional immediately available.

What you will learn in this topic:

  • Defining an accidental counsellor
  • Understanding the challenges of being an accidental counsellor
  • The key principles to adhere to in this role that will assist in managing an accidental counsellor situation
  • How to use the CLEAR Model framework to navigate an accidental counsellor conversation
  • Practicing the skills of an accidental counsellor
  • Where you can go for support

Who is this session for?

Anyone in an accidental counselling role as a result of conversations or requests for support that arise in the workplace from colleagues, customers, clients or the general public.


External: EAP Facilitator

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