Moderated Discussion Forums (Engaging the Online Learner)

Are you looking to create a more engaging online environment for your students? Are you looking for tips on how increase student participation in your subjects? Do you find that students are not replying to discussion forum posts?

Register for a Moderated Discussion Forums (Engaging the Online Learner) webinar to learn how to optimise your online discussions. 

Helpful tips covered in this webinar

The Moderated Discussion Forums (Engaging the Online Learner) webinar delves into the three pillars of online learning and shows how to make your online discussion forums a more integral element of your learning activities. 

This webinar will look at interactivity, participation and collaboration as the main supports to create an online community of inquiry.  We will look at social presence, cognitive presence and teacher presence as the foundation blocks for building this community of inquiry. This webinar will discuss ways a discussion forum can become a social media platform for your classes in which students take a more proactive role in the growth of an online community. 

We also look at gamification strategies to encourage student engagement through group and individual competition. In short, this webinar will confirm that by adding value to a weekly discussion forum you can increase online student engagement with a few key strategies.

About the presenter

Dr David Salisbury has recently joined the technology enhanced learning (TEL) team and brings seven years' expertise in the online learning environment. David is committed to supporting academic staff in creating an engaging online community in their course units. His ongoing research is focused primarily on e-learning pedagogy and instructional design. In 2013, he produced a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Open2Study, a subsidiary of Open University Australia, that ran for five years with 13,000+ student completions over this period.

In 2018, David completed a certification as an E-Learning Instructional Designer from the University of California Irvine. He was the Director of Online Learning for the School of Creative Arts at James Cook University, where he project-managed the conversion of the Bachelor of New Media Arts to an external online version, in addition to the internally delivered mode. 

Moderated Discussion Forums will be a one-hour webinar delivered via Zoom meeting room on Wednesday, 23 September at 12 noon to 1pm.

Register via Staff Connect

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