Internal appointments process changes

The ACU-wide change to the recruitment process that moves from PageUp to Staff Connect continues to progress. The next change is to the internal appointment process, which will be available from the ‘Request to Fill’ form in Staff Connect.

Changes for supervisors/hiring managers

In the coming weeks, internal appointments will move to a Staff Connect ‘Request to Fill’ form, providing the following changes and benefits:

  • a simplified and focused Internal Appointment form and process
  • consolidation of a number of different forms – direct internal appointment, internal secondment, transfers and placements into the one Internal Appointment form
  • pre-population of currently stored employment and position data in the form, which reduces duplication
  • a more flexible approval workflow process for supervisors to suit their circumstances, with the university delegations met
  • the format and design will be like many other employment-related forms and processes that you engage with in Staff Connect.

Overall, this supports an improved user experience, improves the process, saves time and results in quality outcomes. If you use Staff Connect, a link to PageUp will also be available from within the form until all other recruitment processes transition to the ‘Request to Fill’ form.

When will the change occur?

The Staff Connect Request to Fill and Internal Appointment form will be live in August 2021. Further information regarding the roll-out will be communicated over the coming weeks. All internal appointments will move from the current process to completion in Staff Connect.

Further support

These upcoming changes will be supported by ongoing updates, knowledge articles and FAQs in Service Central, and updated policies and procedures. Support sessions will also be made available and details will be communicated shortly.

The best way to keep informed is by joining the Staff Connect Updates and Human Resources Updates Workplace groups.


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